Productivity Series

This interactive and engaging series will be conducted live online with one of our outstanding Effective Edge facilitators. Each course is designed to go deeper into some of our clients most frequently asked questions - covering specific recommendations and practical suggestions. We will show how to integrate these into practices for your existing EDGE system for overall effectiveness. Each course can be taken as a stand-alone or combined with other courses for maximum impact.


EDGE for OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an application that allows you to create, store, organize, and share your notes and comes standard as part of the Microsoft Office suite for more recent versions (2013-2016). This course focuses on the most effective use of OneNote and how to integrate OneNote with your EDGE system. You do not need to have the EDGE system to derive benefit from this course.

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Project Leadership

Our Project Leadership course focuses on the people side of Project Management or Project Leadership. The competitive advantage that makes the difference between project success and project failure is a team that is cohesive, communicative, and resilient. These teams create more innovative solutions and can harness the creative energy of the people working on the project.

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Resiliency @ Work

Too often we get overwhelmed by complexity; inundated with data and fixed points of view. Through the power of awareness, we transform how we think, feel, and make sense of the world thereby increasing our resiliency and ability to act appropriately. In this two-hour course, participants are introduced to operational instructions that have been tested for centuries, but now have 20 years of compelling scientific data to back them up. Developing our mental resiliency fosters the ability to focus amid distractions, and take calm, clear action in the fact of complexity.

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Meeting Effectiveness

A recent survey indicates that most professionals participate in more than 60 meetings each month, yet when meetings are poorly organized or conducted, they can be massive time wasters. This course will examine the 4 key reasons for having meetings, as well as alternatives if a meeting isn't the best approach. Then we’ll look at the best practices for meeting effectiveness including how to schedule, prepare for, conduct, and follow-up after the meeting.

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Taking the EDGE Mobile

This course addresses the use of mobile devices as productivity tools, and how to integrate your preferred device with your EDGE System. Mobile devices have become indispensable in the business world today yet, because of the 24/7 access, it can be challenging to establish appropriate boundaries and disconnect. With a few adjustments your device can be an extension of your EDGE system. You’ll be able to stay balanced, productive, and keep the practices that work best when you are not at the office. This course will focus on devices that synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, specifically iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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