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Product Description

Projects (Creating Project Velocity)

Completing projects is a big part of most of our jobs, and staying on top of each one is crucial to our success. This short course will help you to plan and organize your projects using both your right and left brain, and discuss how to keep all the players informed and aligned. We will also cover how to integrate other project management tools such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project with your EDGE System. (Note: This course does not go into detail with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project).

Topics Covered:

  • Create a clear Outcome Statement for your project that engages your left and right side of your brain
  • Emptying your head
  • Setting explicit vs. implicit expectations and proactive communication
  • Planning Milestones, Deliverables, Actions
  • Backward Planning
  • Accountability and Responsibility Matrix
  • Communication Planning

Who Will Benefit:

  • Anyone who works on or manages projects
  • New Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Directors, Supervisors
  • Executive Administrators


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