Communication Series

There are so many ways to communicate today. We are constantly connected yet, does this mean our communication with others has improved? This interactive and engaging series will consider the softer side of the communication issue. Each course is conducted live with one of our outstanding Effective Edge facilitators. Designed to cover specific recommendations and practical suggestions with practices you can implement immediately, each course can be taken as a stand-alone or combined with other courses for maximum impact.


Productive Conversations

Have you ever needed to have a tough conversation with someone but didn't know how to approach it? Do you avoid saying what you really want to say because you are concerned about creating conflict? Withholding or avoiding these conversations may create problems in relationships and a team's ability to function effectively. This highly interactive two-hour short course focuses on the core skills needed to have an open and candid conversation - no matter how tough the topic. Learn three powerful communication tools that can make the difference between living with unspoken conflict or having the ability to communicate authentically while maintaining relationships.

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Communication Protocols – Email, Phone, IM, and More

We have so many ways to communicate these days it can be confusing to decide which communication method suits the situation. Geographically dispersed teams, remote meetings, and 24/7 connectivity add a degree of complexity that wasn’t present even 20 years ago. This course reviews the pros and cons of each communication method and discusses the most effective use of each. Additional guidance for establishing clear and consistent frameworks for teams is also provided.

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Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inherent in our workplace and lives, but it doesn’t have to be disruptive. The key to creating harmony and stability is learning how to resolve these external and internal conflicts. Enhance your ability to successfully manage conflict in this short, instructor-led course. Participants of this course will practice taking different approaches to conflict and learn techniques for reaching a resolution that maximizes value for everyone.

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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Recent research from the Center for Creative Leadership indicates Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a far greater predictor of success in business than IQ. Focus, discipline, and effective collaboration are all results of an emotionally intelligent workforce. This course will introduce you to the EQ model and provide skills and practices you can immediately implement to improve your performance and ability to gain cooperation from others.

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Introduction to Interaction Styles

Seventy-five percent of the people we connect with every day have different interaction styles than our own. What does that mean in your workplace? Leaders and team members must consistently communicate and work with people who have a different style than their own. It is important to be flexible and tailor speech, body language, and approach so that others become more open to listen and accept ideas. This course will provide insight and guidance on how we can adjust to others’ styles.

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